We work with a vast range of clients from large blue chip organisations such as Sun Microsystems and Capita Symmonds to smaller outfits with only one or two members of staff. Our clients fit no particular market except needing good value IT expertise in software development and Linux Support. We have an excellent track record over the last 8 years and have built some of the most complex sites around, from online betting, auctions and CRM systems to faxing and billing platforms.

It's our track record and successful software projects that set us out from the crowd and our continued communication with our clients that makes us better. It doesn't stop there, we help and advise our clients on not just the best technology to use but best ways to market and sell their product. It's because of our experience we have launched some in house projects such as our mobile media platform and Business CRM software.

Try talking to us to see how we can help you and why we are actually different from the rest.
Quick List
  • Sun Microsystems - Reseller Platform
  • Mercy Ships
  • Online Travel Plans
  • Snapshots International
  • Lonix - The London Linux User Group
  • Vox Pops International V-Search
  • Country Briefings
  • Puma Unified Communications Ltd
  • Hunt For A Property Ltd
  • Flirt Date UK and London Online Dating
  • Go Barking Mad
  • Racing Bets and Racing Bet Line
  • Vault Auctions
  • Zim
  • Unique Bid - Unique Bid Auction System
  • Hydrodate - Speed Dating in London
  • Hotchilli Internet
  • Tribal Travel
  • Breezetech
Sun Microsystems - Reseller Platform
Design, implementation and hosting of the global Sun Volume Reseller portal.

The implementation was carried out in Java and included the development of a fully multi-lingual site with various levels of administration and work flow. Turtle have completed many projects for Sun, the latest being their internal news broadcast system which allows employees to edit and add articles to a web based editorial system that is sent to 5000 staff members at the beginning of each week.

Snapshots International
Snapshots International Ltd is the only market research company to specialise in top-line international market research overviews.

The reports are designed to provide an instant overview of a market, and the data is supplied in both graphical and tabular format for ease of interpretation and analysis. All data is compiled in house by the Snapdata Research Department, an international team of research experts.
Lonix - The London Linux User Group
Lonix is one of the largest UK Linux user groups with over 3500 industry members.

Meetings are scheduled every month in central London. Turtle Networks developed and hosts the Lonix website as well as organise and sponsor meetings.
Vox Pops International V-Search
Turtle developed the video streaming online shop.

Allowing users to browse the video catalogue, view streaming footage of each video and select the individual clips required from the video they wish to purchase. The entire system was developed using the Intrabench dynamic store module. Vox Pops International have been clients of Turtle Networks for 7 years.
Country Briefings
Design, implementation and hosting of www.countrybriefings.com, a site for the business traveller which supplies reports on 32 countries.

Site allows the update of material by journalists and generation of currency and stock market indexes globally. Dynamic report generation is achieved, creating professionally formatted PDF which are delivered on the fly to users.
Mercy Ships
Mercy Ships, a global charity, has operated hospital ships in developing nations since 1978 performing services valued at over $670 million.

Turtle offer Linux support for their servers based in London, helping them with any future requirements and disaster recovery.

Hunt For A Property Ltd
A leading provider of on-line flatshare and house share advertising and matching services to enable a person to advertise a room to let or search for a room to rent within the UK.

Turtle assisted in the development of the geo coding systems allowing for the mapping and searching for rooms and properties based on postcodes and ranges.
Puma Unified Communications Ltd
A leading provider of enhanced messaging services which significantly improve their client's ability to manage their communications and reduce costs.

Turtle assisted with the development of the backend software of Puma's world leading Email to Fax platform including Unix / Windows, MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL integration and the development of email parsing and dissemination software. This fully featured fax service allows Puma's customers to send faxes simply by sending an email.
Flirt Date UK & London Online Dating
Internet dating and matchmaking. Turtle Networks continue to develop their own dating platform to facilitate matchmaking on the internet. With a large variety of features including:

photo matching mail user statistics discussion groups instant chat friend lists advanced searching custom profiles picture libraries user blocking payment gateway features reseller and campaign tracking admin control panel group mailing ... more features being added currently.
Go Barking Mad
Go Barking Mad, 24 hour live dog racing and betting.

Turtle Networks implemented the security and network infrastructure, spanning two countries. Utilising firewalls, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and load balancing to provide a fully redundant and fault tolerant system and network.
Racing Bets and Racing Bet Line
A betting website site and call centre system allowing bets to be taken over the internet and via the phone.

Bets may be placed on a number of different events from horse racing through to tennis, rugby, cricket, football and specials such as who will be the Christmas number one this year. Turtle designed and programmed the software including APACS connection, administration, pay outs and bet processing.
Online Travel Plans
A ground breaking new online travel service aimed at the global traveller.

Allows users to share travel itineraries, address book entries and personal journals with family and friends