Turtle Networks is a software development firm specialising in coding, security and hosting. We are fanatical about the quality of our products and services and are always seeking to improve through customer feedback, staff development & training with the desire to remain the leading company in our industry.

As well as creating bespoke software, we have created a set of applications that we sell directly, customise and market. This gives us a great insight to the exact best practises to market online medium and be successful.

Our Mission Statement incorporates our values and is fundamental in every aspect of our business, we aim to:

  • Provide the highest levels of service to every customer and client
  • Help our clients make the best decisions by presenting unbiased information in a clear and concise manner
  • Reduce total cost of development by using best practices in design, coding and documentation.

Technical Information

Technology is what we are built on but at the heart is understand exactly what the business needs are. These two go hand in hand and without choosing the best technology for the job, past choices will impact future growth.

Client requirements are gathered, discussed and analysed, making sure the right software is being designed for the right job. This comes from our experience in the field and we will advise and direct where we can. Once the requirements have been documented we make sure timescales are setup and coding can start.

Here at Turtle we design and host all our software on either Solaris or Linux with software being programmed in either C++ or Java. We have designed a huge library or re-usable objects that speed up new development and cut costs in production. Our C++ software is fast when run and can cope with tens of thousands of web users, our database setup is clustered to provide a fault tolerant application stack.
Our Network
We have spent many years on perfecting our hosting infrastructure and can provide our corporate clients with dedicated hosting that encompasses redundancy at every Level.

Turtle Networks are spread out into many data centers with our main being Level 3, London. Here we have redundant firewalls, intrusion detection and load balancers to provide a fault tolerant and highly available network. Servers can also be clustered and each one connected via bonded 1GB ethernet to multiple switches. You can be sure your infrastructure is in safe hands with us.


      We recognise that it is the staff at Turtle Networks that makes this possible and to that effect, every member of Turtle Networks is a university graduate, and over half of our staff possess postgraduate qualifications. Our industry experience is proved by having all our staff attaining membership of The British Computer Society.
" We are passionate about
our service and constantly
seek to deliver beyond expectations. "